Àriyá (Yorùbá) synonym Ìdáráyá adjective - celebration, cheerful, uplift.

Ariya Event Vendor Directory (EVD) is a platform that showcases trusted event vendors and service providers, to transform your event on your special day.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the planning process for your day is stress free
with reputable service providers listed at your fingertips.


Ariya Event Vendor Directory (EVD) is a website that helps you find great vendors and service providers for your special event.

The name "Àriyá" means "celebration" and it represents the cheerful and uplifting vibe you want for your celebration.

Our goal is to make planning your event easy and stress-free
by providing you with a list of reliable vendors that you can trust.

You can find everything you need for your special day all in one place. We are here to help you make your event as special and memorable as possible.


Our platform hosts vendors form all over the globe. We cover regions in Europe, Americas and Africa.