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Ariya mobile app is installed and used by many customers with tons of impressions and visibility.
This platform creates an opportunity for you to showcase your business, services, events and promotions to potential clients from across the globe.
We have 2 main allocated spaces for these uniques 640×640 banner advertisements, the top section and the bottom section of the app.
These banners can be linked to your Ariya profile, website, social media page or any other url of your choice.

Our price is simple, and straight forward 28 days highlight at £30 for the top section and £20 for the bottom section of our mobile app.
This service is a custom service i.e. you have to get in touch with us with your enquiry and we manually set this up and get you going in 24 hours.

Highlight your services today, get in touch with us.

Top Ad Banner Section
Bottom Ad Banner Section

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